ACME Mystery Dinner Theater
Homestyle Homicide: the Freagan Family Reunion

Saturday, 10-01-2016, 5:30 PM. Dinner 6 PM.
Deer Path Restaurant, 6064 Route 8 North, New Berlin
Members: $30, Non-Members: $45

Come a runnin', cousins, 'cause it's time again for the annual family reunion and the whole Freagan family is gonna be there! We're gonna have vittles, singin', hootin' and hollerin' and, of course, no family gathering would be complete without the annual pig-calling contest! Dang, you might even win a big ol' slop bucket full of money! Yeehaw! Best watch your step on the farm this year, though. Pa's been hitting the moonshine a might too hard and is about to lose the farm to that no good snake, Beauregard Hogwallerin! When the girls find out, somebody could end up on the barbecue!



ACME Mystery Dinner Theater

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